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Taipei 101 – The Biggest Sundial, Taipei City, Taiwan Border SundialsOur sundial for this month may not be instantly recognisable as a sundial.

The Taipei 101 is a world renowned sky scraper, a huge structure that towers over Taipei City in Tawain. The building is one of the tallest in the world and is regarded as an engineering masterpiece. However, what we find most interesting about this skyscraper is the fact that it also doubles as a gigantic sundial.

Although the sundial feature is not the primary purpose of the building, its scale and relevance to the buildings development still grants it worthy of inclusion in our monthly sundial slot.

The well-positioned circular park to the East of the skyscraper acts as the sundial face, telling the afternoon hours using the shadow cast by Taipei 101 itself. The huge shadow cast across the city allows those in the building to tell the time via its position.

Taipei 101 has to date taken the titles of “Tallest Environmentally-friendly Building”, “Biggest Countdown Clock on New Year’s Eve” and of course, “Biggest Sundial”, making it worthy of inclusion as one of our Sundials of the Month.

Taipei 101 – The Biggest Sundial, Taipei City, Taiwan Border Sundials