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The Armillary Sphere, an elegant and bold ‘statement piece’ in your garden.

These magnificent timepieces are also sculptural and create views of 360 degree interest. They connect us to the ancients and the ‘queen’ of sciences, astronomy.

Created by master craftsmen from the highest grade materials these wonderful sundials will mark and withstand the passage of time for years to come.

Personalised inscriptions, quotations, and memorable dates make them magnificent gifts for those special people in your life.

Choose between Stainless Steel, Aged Brass and Bronze in a range of sizes from 50-110cm.

Prices start at $3,055. Please find our price list here or contact us to discuss your armillary sphere.

Delivery costs start at $300

“Contained within its concentric rings is a chart of the whole universe.”

When considering the incorporation of an Armillary Sphere into your garden, there are several crucial factors to take into account:

  • Determining the appropriate size of the sphere for your garden.

  • Selecting the suitable metal for your armillary sphere.

  • Choosing a plinth that complements your armillary sphere.

  • Deciding on the engravings to adorn your armillary sphere.

To assist you in making an informed choice for your garden, why not reach out to Border Sundials today? Call 01873 840297.

Capel Tenison, the founder and proprietor of Border Sundials, is happy to talk you through your choices. “Each armillary sphere I create is unique, it is important to me that every client gets the right dial to suit their preferences and specific requirements,” notes Capel. During the call, Capel will elucidate the component parts of the armillary sphere and explain its functionality. He can offer advice on positioning and plinth choices and guide you as to where you can place your personal engravings on the horizontal band.

For over two decades, Capel has found the crafting of armillary spheres to be a deeply rewarding and intellectually stimulating pursuit, capturing his passion for both artistry and astronomy. The intricate process of constructing spheres allows him to merge his interests in science and craftsmanship, resulting in a tangible representation of the cosmos that has fascinated humanity for centuries.

The history of the armillary sphere is captivating, with these ancient instruments tracing their roots back to the Greecian era, symbolizing humanity’s relentless quest to understand the cosmos. The word ‘armillary’ derives from the Roman word ‘armilla’ meaning circle or bracelet. By crafting these sundials, Capel expresses feeling “connected to a rich tradition of scientific exploration and discovery.”

The craftsmanship required to create an armillary sphere fulfills Capel’s love of precision and attention to detail. Each meticulously calibrated ring is carefully connected to represent terrestrial coordinates, the dials are testaments to the craftsmanship of both the original astronomers and the skilled artisans at Border Sundials.

“As I build and armillary sphere I gain a sense of the vastness of the cosmos and I feel a connection between the microcosm of my workshop and the macrocosm of the universe,” observes Capel.

Adding an armillary sphere to your garden transcends mere aesthetics; it signifies a thoughtful investment in beauty, history, and education, enhancing the overall experience of your outdoor sanctuary.