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Singleton Sundial, Singleton, New South Wales, Australia Border SundialsThe Singleton sundial in New South Wales, Australia is our sundial of the month. This is the largest sundial in the Southern Hemisphere. For a while in the 1980’s it was also the holder of a Guiness World Record as the larget sundial in the world, at 14.6 metres long and 7.92 metres high and with a gnomon (the part which casts the shadow onto the dial plate) that is 12 metres long! The structure weighs a staggering 30 tonnes!

Built from original convict hewn stone, sourced locally from Singleton from the early street construction, the sundial has been reinforced with 2.5km of steel to support the structure and to prevent any corrosion damage in the future. The gnomon points to the South and is parallel to the earth’s axis of rotation.

It is an ancient time telling device that has been set in the middle of a modern development. The Singleton Sundial symbolises the local community bicentennial celebrations, and also provides a gateway to the surrounding area of the Hunter River, picnic and recreational areas, as well the largest sporting area of the region.

Singleton Sundial, Singleton, New South Wales, Australia Border Sundials