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Perranporth Sundial, Cornwall

By January 1, 2016November 15th, 2020No Comments

Perranporth Sundial, Cornwall Border SundialsThis stunning giant cliff top sundial telling Cornish time was the major millennium project for Perranzabuloe, Cornwall. An appropriate choice to welcome in the New Year as our sundial of the month for January 2016.

The council constructed a circle of standing stones; each marked with an hour. Stuart Thorn the designer from Perranporth designed a stainless steel gnomon to cast shadows onto the stone clock face. The stones are aligned so they show the Cornish Time rather than Greenwich Mean Time. When the sun is at its highest point, the North pointing gnomon will cast a shadow directly North onto the midday stone; in London it would happen approximately 20 minutes earlier.

Perranporth Sundial, Cornwall Border SundialsThe site formerly part of Droskyn Mine has been landscaped using granite, cobbles and grass. Stone seating has been incorporated into the design. The tall standing stones were recovered by the local Parish Council when workmen excavated the road bridge over the river in Perranporth town centre.