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RHS Chelsea Flower ShowVertical Sundial

Let the sun in!

By April 16, 2011November 15th, 2020No Comments
Let the sun in! Border Sundials

A new addition to my dials, a stained glass window dialn

This year at Chelsea I will be showing another new sundial specially made for the show. It’s the result of my collaboration with another Monmouthshire artisan, who works in glass. The new sundial is a vertical sundial, made of glass with a brass gnomon. The one I’m working on for this year’s show has an arts and crafts theme, with a bit of Charles Renee Mackintosh about it. In fact I used a Mackintosh style typeface for the numbers on the face, so it is very ‘fin de siècle’. I’m sure there are many styles that would look just as good, or even a dial set into a picture, the possibilities are many. I can make a vertical dial like this one, to fit any window and it’s fitted into a standard frame. It tells the time just like any sundial, but is especially beautiful because you can enjoy the colours of the glass as well as the sun! Why not commission one of these and put it in a kitchen window and get rid of that battery powered clock you’ve got on the wall – I’m sure the children would still get to school on time?