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The Stainless Steel Armillary is bright, light and eye catching.

The dials are polished to the very highest mirror like finish to create a strong contemporary style.

The Stainless steel finish will not change with age and is well suited to the modern garden environment. The mirrored surfaces create interesting 36o degree reflections of the garden embedding the timepiece in its environment.

Please find our price list here or contact us to discuss your armillary sphere.

Delivery costs start at $300

What factors might lead me to select a Stainless Steel Armillary Sphere?

Within the Border Sundials collection, stainless steel armillary spheres stand out as the most opulent and exclusive. The luminous and finely polished surfaces offer a distinct style of garden sculpture, as expressed by Capel, the founder of Border Sundials. “The stainless steel armillary sphere gives a stylish and contemporary flavor to our armillary sphere range,” notes Capel.

Stainless steel has a history dating back to the early 20th century, emerging as a revolutionary material renowned for exceptional corrosion resistance, a particularly valuable trait in an armillary sphere. In 1913, English metallurgist Harry Brearley stumbled upon stainless steel accidentally while seeking to create erosion-resistant gun barrels. His discovery that steel containing 13% chromium displayed remarkable resistance to rust and staining marked a pivotal moment.

The demand for corrosion-resistant materials surged during World War I, leading to expanded production and utilization of stainless steel in military applications and infrastructure. Its versatility and durability established it as a preferred choice in various industries.

Further advancements in stainless steel alloys occurred in the 1920s and 1930s, refining its properties and broadening its applications. The material gained popularity in the building and automobile sectors, becoming identified with modernity and innovation.

Stainless steel proves to be an excellent choice for armillary spheres due to its strength, stain resistance, and durability. The surgical-grade stainless steel used at Border Sundials ensures longevity, retaining its shine indefinitely. The highly polished surface serves as a mirror, reflecting the surrounding colors and seamlessly integrating the armillary sphere into its environment. An armillary sphere in stainless steel is equally impressive at night, particularly when illuminated with spotlights.

The gleaming silver surface of the stainless steel armillary sphere makes it well-suited for 25th-anniversary celebrations, symbolizing the silver wedding anniversary. Its modern, durable, and enduring nature also positions it as an ideal choice for representing your business in a corporate commission. The stainless steel armillary sphere is also a highly suitable option for commemorative sculptures such as centenaries.

For examples of corporate commissions, feel free to inquire with us at 01873 840 297.